Our data quality training classes are available on-line through eLearningCurve. ELearning course development methodology and deliver platform offer superior educational value compared with "live" education. The benefits include better course structure, 100% information comprehension by students, on-demand availability, and significant cost reduction. Each course is accompanied by an exam, which counts toward Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) and Certified Data Steward (CDS)designations.

To see detailed course outlines or to watch free Sneak Peeks, click on the course links below.

DQ-06 Picture     Data Profiling

Data profiling is the process of analyzing actual data and understanding its true structure and meaning. It is one of the most common and important activities in information management. This 5-hour course teaches all practical skills necessary to succeed in a data profiling initiative.


DQ-05 Picture     Data Quality Assessment

This 6-hour course gives comprehensive treatment to the process and practical challenges of data quality assessment. It starts with systematic treatment of various data quality rules and proceeds to the results analysis and building aggregated data quality scorecard.


DQ-04 Picture     Ensuring Data Quality in Data Integration

Data errors multiply and spread like viruses through data consolidation processes and ongoing data interfaces. This 5-hour course discusses various practices that can be put in place to maintain high data quality through data integration.


DM-01 Picture     Fundamentals of Data Modeling & Metadata Management

This 3-hour course, taught jointly with David Wells, provides foundation knowledge about the most commonly used data modeling techniques: entity-relationship modeling and dimensional modeling. A similar foundation is built for metadata management with attention to common metadata purposes and metadata discovery methods.


DS-02 Picture     Data Quality for Data Stewards

The objective of this 4.5-hour course, taught jointly with David Wells, is to provide an overview of the field of data quality with the goal of building strong fundamental knowledge for Data Stewards. It covers topics ranging from data quality definitions and dimensions to key data quality management practices and methodologies as well as core data quality processes and projects.


DS-04 Picture     Metadata Management for Data Stewards

The objective of this 4-hour course, taught jointly with David Wells and Mike Brackett, is to provide an overview of the fields of data modeling and metadata management with the goal of building strong fundamental knowledge for Data Stewards. It covers the the essential tools to collect, record, and organize metadata.


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